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Sleep room


A member of our sleep lab will contact you 1-2 days before your scheduled appointment and answer any questions you may have.

Prior to your study, your insurance company will be contacted for pre-certification or prior authorization of this test if applicable.

When you arrive, the sleep technician will have you watch a video about sleep studies, and attach the proper monitoring leads/connections. This will take about 30-45 minutes. When this is completed you may watch TV or read a book until you get sleepy.

Your sleep study should be completed by 5:30-6:30 in the morning. However, we will be happy to wake you at any time specified if requested.

After your study, the data collected with be reviewed, organized, and processed by one of our staff. Your study will then be read by one of our physicians. Studies are read within 1-2 days of completion. Studies done on the weekend are read the beginning of the following week.

If you completed a CPAP or BiPAP study, before you leave in the morning, we will discuss your company preferences for medical equipment or supplies. If you have no preference, we will assist you in choosing a company.

You will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire before you leave to help us evaluate your experience in our office.


Wear something comfortable to sleep in

Take your medications as you normally would at home, including medications you would use to sleep

We ask that you arrive between 8-8:30 pm. Please enter through the side entrance on the west side of the building

Private bathroom facilities including showers are available for your use. The bathrooms are handicap accessible. Bring your own shampoo and soap. We have towels available.

Cable TV is available

The rooms are spacious queen sized beds with plenty of blankets and pillows. Each suite is quiet, resembling a luxury hotel room, decorated with warm/ soothing colors to help induce a normal night sleep

If you prefer daytime sleep studies or if a daytime study is ordered by your physican, this will be performed by the same lab on the weekends.