Making an Appointment

Medical assistants provide a solid link between our patients and their physicians. Each physician in our practice has their own medical assistant. Our physicians rotate between different practice locations, however, their medical assistants are always able to contact them. Your medical assistant will have full access to your medical chart, can process your prescription refill requests, answer general questions about your specific health situation or medications, and discuss your test results with you.

When you come to our office, your physician’s medical assistant will check you into the exam room, take your vital signs, make sure your medication list and allergies are up to date in your chart, keep your medical and surgical history current, and have any records available for your doctor for testing done outside our office or hospital records, from any recent admissions.

We have a great team working on your behalf. Please take this opportunity to get to know our medical assistants a little better –

Sandy - Sandy has been working for the physicians of Metropolitan Pulmonary for over 20 years. She loves living in the country, and spending free time at the lake with her kids and grandkids. She has a wealth of experience working with all the physicians over the years. She works as Dr. Cokingtin’s medical assistant.

Sicily - Sicily came to Metropolitan Pulmonary in 2009. Prior to that, she had worked for the Devins Allergy Clinic for 15 years where she did allergy testing, formulated antigen, and assisted in all aspects of that allergy practice. She is the proud mother of 2 adult sons. It’s never hard to find Sicily – just listen for her bubbly laugh, and she’s not far away. She brings joy to our patients and those she works with. She works 1-2 days a week assisting in our Allergy department, but primarily works as Dr. Ferguson’s medical assistant.

Angela - Angela started working for Metropolitan Pulmonary at our front desk in 2011. During that time, she also attended training to become a medical assistant. After graduation, Angela transitioned from the front desk to working as a medical assistant in our office. She’s a hard-worker, always positive and ready to help in any way. She love spending time with her family. Angela has completed additional education in Allergy and assists in our Allergy department, but primarily works as Dr. Fitzpatrick’s medical assistant.

Holly – Holly began working for Metropolitan Pulmonary as a medical assistant after completing her training in 2013. She is highly organized and detail oriented. She has a sweet spirit and truly cares about her patients. She is fond of Starbucks and tattoos. Holly has also completed additional training in Allergy. She assists in the allergy department, but primarily works as Dr. Devin’s medical assistant.

Karen – If you have Allergy questions, Karen can help you. Karen joined our group in 2009. Prior to that time, she had worked over 20 years in the Devins Allergy Clinic for Dr. George Devins. She is highly skilled at allergy testing, formulating antigen, and everything else allergy related. Karen goes the extra mile to make sure the jobs she does are exceptional. She enjoys needlework (outside of giving allergy shots!) and loves on her grandkids anytime she can. Karen works with all the allergy patients in our practice, regardless of who their physician is.